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The Immortal Jukebox

Christmas. New Years Day. Spring Solstice. Lent.

Easter. Midsummer Day. First leaf fall. First fall of snow.

Way markers of the passing year.

As the shadows lengthen, as they do for us all, you appreciate all the more the opportunity to celebrate with those dear to you now and remember those vanished like the melting snow so dear in the memory.

Each new feast chiming with all those that have gone before in the quickening parade of our lives.

If you are Irish, or of Irish stock, St Patrick’s Day is a true red letter day.

On my twitter account (@thomhickey55 – sign up now if you’re not signed up already!) I describe myself, among other things, as, ‘Almost Irish’.

That’s because though I was not born in Ireland both my parents and all my forebears were.

So, I unhesitatingly believe that whatever literary or rhetorical gifts I possess are drawn…

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The fan box

The Monster in Your Closet

Many years ago, I bought a box of antique fans at an estate sale. My mom gave me the dime being asked for them.

Before I found the box of fans, I’d complained about being dragged along to sales with my mom. After I found the fans, I felt decidedly more pro-sale.

My older son, Li’l D, discovered the fans a couple of years ago. At least once a month, he’s asked to look at the fans. I even gave him one of his own, and promised him the fans if he still wants them when he’s much, much older.

My husband, Anthony, has witnessed these exchanges. He’s seen the little cardboard box that’s housed the fans for decades and, it seems, decided a better home was deserved. He made that home himself.

For years, I felt my mom when I took out the old box and thought of the…

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Get Exceptional Magical World In Orlando FL Transportation

Atlantic Transportation Group | Orlando Transportation

Orlando Shuttle Service

Dependable Transportation Service

The Atlantic Transportation Group is gathering respectable unwavering quality and great Orlando FL transportation service administration. Our Transportation from Orlando to Port Canaveral has a combination of private vehicles open for any of your transportation needs all through Orlando FL and fusing spaces. We give safe transportation to our customers, and ensure that they will appreciate the ride and will achieve their goal in sound and safe. Transportation from Orlando FL private, decision transport are open for all of your collecting needs to guarantee that everyone’s level of security is for all intents and purposes indistinguishable to their pleasure. Our Atlantic Transportation Group drivers are experts and have a long affair of Driving. They are entirely screened before they are employed. In this way, rest guaranteed that while riding on one of the Orlando FL to Port Canaveral Shuttle Service administrations, you are in great hands. Not…

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RAF Martlesham Heath (Part 1) – a long and distinguished history.

Aviation Trails

On the outskirts of Ipswich close to the former Cold War bases at Woodbridge and Bentwaters, is what is perhaps a model of the future, of many of our wartime airfields. Built upon with town housing hidden in the ‘Village’ idea, it is a place with major industry and retail parks, where the few remains that exist are hidden amongst the pathways and roads of this large conurbation. However, not all is lost, a museum and modern use of many of its original structures ensure the history of this once busy airfield are not lost forever.  In Trail 40 we head to the southern reaches of East Anglia, to the the outskirts of Ipswich and the former site that was once RAF Martlesham Heath.

RAF Martlesham Heath (Station 369).

Martlesham Heath was opened in 1917, and until it closed in 1963, was the home to a very large number of military units. It…

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King Jackpot UK – Best Online Bingo and Casino Site

Perfect Bingo Sites


About King Jackpot UK

King Jackpot UK is a 3D best online bingo site that is on the Wagerworks and Leapfrog software platform. You do need to download the software in order to play here, but don’t panic – it’s a safe and secure download.
The theme of the bingo site is rather medieval and holds a purple colour scheme. When you’re inside the site you will find images relating to kings, queens and knights among other characters. There’s not a lot going on in terms of promotions and I find that the people who are behind this website can be rather slow in removing old and outdated promotions. Although the site did change hands in 2015 and this may improve.
Once the download has been completed the first time there will be a shortcut to the bingo site displayed on your desktop home screen. This allows you to be able…

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Many Opponents to AMTRAK Scheme To Bypass Southeastern Connecticut Towns


Opposition to the proposed Amtrak bypass through southeastern Connecticut is more than bipartisan: It has become multi-partisan.

A recent statement warning that bullet-train tracks would erode New London’s tax base and damage historic sites was co-signed by the leaders of New London’s Republican, Democratic and Green parties.

“It is rare that political parties reach consensus on an issue, but on this we are united,” says their letter to federal railroad regulators.

For the past year and a half, the Amtrak bypass idea has been creating uncommon alliances throughout the region. Business leaders stand alongside environmentalists in fighting it, and politically conservative and liberal homeowners alike are pressing regulators to scuttle the plan.

It is a really “knock down and drag them out” battle. AMTRAK and the Federal Rail Admintration have spent all kinds of money. They keep talking about not “destroying historic towns”. Everybody wants to go to court.


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Letters to the Power Plant #87 — Presentations at Dell

Power Plant Men

After I left the power plant and went to work for Dell on August 20, 2001, I wrote letters back to my friends at the plant letting them know how things were going.  This is the eighty seventh letter I wrote.  Keep in mind that at the time when I originally penned this letter I didn’t intend on it being posted online.

10/24/03 – Presentations at Dell

Dear friends from Sooner Plant and from other places far and wide,

I know I told you in my last letter that I was going to write to you when I was in Chicago, but with all the training I was doing, and all the eating, and watching all the people in the bar (oh, I mean, “The Restaurant”) watching the Cubs play their baseball games (and losing), and doing my regular job in the evening, I neglected to send a letter to…

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