The Importance of Celebrating Successes

We recently saw an article on the importance of celebrating even small successes

“We had an awesome trade show,” the owner explained. “We didn’t reach our hard-and-fast dollar-amount goals, but that’s OK. All our neighbors were jealous of our attention. Our team was on point.”

The owner’s decision to celebrate a trade show in which his team didn’t meet its on-paper goals but still acquitted itself marvelously is consistent with the advice entrepreneur Frank Gruber provides in Startup Mixology, his recent book about turning ideas into action. In fact, Gruber, the co-founder of media company Tech Cocktail, devotes an entire chapter to the subject of proper celebration. One of his main points is that founders should use celebration as a “tool that can leverage big and small wins and keep you and your team focused and motivated during the not-so-good times.” 

Here are seven more reasons it pays to celebrate:

  1. Celebrations provide positive reinforcement. Just because you fall short of a goal doesn’t mean your employees didn’t work hard–and accomplish other feats in the process.
  2. Celebrations allow leaders to emphasize work-life balance.
  3. Celebrations lighten the arduous entrepreneurial journey.
  4. Celebrations reveal your company as a fun place to work at–or volunteer for.
  5. Celebrations connect your company’s story to the outside world
  6. Celebrations reward office spontaneity
  7. Celebrations defuse needless confrontations.

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