The World Traveler’s Christmas List

Pictures and Plane Tickets

Let’s get back to having some fun around here, shall we? Can you believe Christmas is only 22 days away?

You guys, it’s no surprise, but I LOVE Christmas. All of the family parties, the delicious food and amazing drinks, the classic movies (“You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”), and cheerful Christmas music. Everyone seems to be in a good mood, so of course it’s hard to deny that feel-good Christmas Spirit.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite gift ideas for the world travelers among us. Some of these are on my personal Christmas list, some are great stocking-stuffers, and some are sure to surprise your sweetie come Christmas morning.

Christmas List Collage

The World Traveler’s Christmas List

  1. Sunglasses
    Tropical destinations are always on my horizon and I like to come prepared with a pair of sunglasses (or two). I’m loving the cute bows on these Chanel glasses and I also have my eye on a…

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