Skeeter Megia

In dreams, doors symbolise new openings.  To me, this is always a welcome opportunity. 



Opportunities – So, as my friends and I were scouring a Makati mall last week, we stumbled upon Basic House that was on sale.  They had items put up for discounts ranging from 50%-70% off.  I spotted this coat and almost passed up on it.  Good thing my friends insisted that I try it on first, otherwise I would have missed out on a good one, and 70% off at that!  Lesson learned, never pass up on anything without even trying it out first.

IMG_1108 I love the fabric and the details of this coat. I think it’s very unique and stylish

Talking about doors, openings and opportunities, I found this huge double doors (as shown in the pictures above) as I was making my way along the beautiful pebble stone streets of Intramuros.  No question, I felt compelled…

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