A sugary fruit with Lord’s name- Ramphal

My Life

While travelling in Maharashtra, I was amazed to see a fruit called ‘Ramphal’ while we were in the verge  of exploring Daulatabad fort, Aurangabad. Since I never heard of it. I was bit curious to know more about it. So I flooded that vendor with many questions related to this fruit.
Me: “what is this fruit?”
Vendor:“Sir  ji this is Ramphal. Don’t you know?”
Me: “What is the main season for ramphal ?”
Vendor:“during March – May”
Me:“How does it taste?”
Vendor:“It is sweet just like Sitaphal (Custard Apple). You should taste it and know it by yourselves.”
Me: “How to differentiate between ripe and unripe fruit?”
Vendor:“If the fruit is pale green or hard to touch and have shiny green skin then it is in unripe state. The  ripe fruits are heavy and soft to touch. The ripe fruits are very sweet.”Ramaphal Annona  reticulata (2)
Since we’ve…

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