The Roxbury Motel!

Pearls Of Blissdom by AntheasChronicles

On reaching the town of Roxbury, locating the motel was a cake walk (the motel provides most of the business in this town). Set up by two enterprising gentlemen, this property is unique; not one room is similar to another- they are all individually decorated. The motel comprises of two buildings built across from each other- the North and the South. One has been built from scratch while the other was totally redone to have the Roxbury we have today. The front desk located in the building we were to be housed in, is warm and hospitable, with breakfast being served in the same venue.

A few glimpses into the Roxbury A few glimpses into the Roxbury

The first picture is that of the open air campfire that was lit in the morning. Just off the breakfast room- it was lovely to sit by it warming my hands while sipping on hot chocolate (which btw was…

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