Winter, Snow and Railroads


Here we are at the first of October when railroads and transit systems are getting ready for Winter. As well as a couple of breaking snow stories below, we have some stories you will be interested in. First of all, Winter, Snow and Railroads.

NY City Transit Authority Snow Equipment NY City Transit Authority Snow Equipment

Another great site is “Railroads and Snow, Especially the Adirondacks

Snow on the Lackawanna Railroad Snow on the Lackawanna Railroad

Union Pacific Railroad sent a letter to customers on Wednesday stressing that the Class I expects to be better prepared to handle difficult winter operating conditions than it was last year.

In response to higher overall demand in 2014 and significant weather events that affected service throughout the year — including earthquakes, floods and severe storms — UP has added crews and locomotives. Since last fall, the train, engine and yard (TE&Y) workforce grew by more than 800.

“We also have increased…

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