New York Central Railroad Police Uniforms (plus some railroad police history)



A friend recently purchased a brass button and was wondering if you could shed some light on it.  it appears to be a sleeve/cuff button and was made by the “Russell Uniform Co., NY.” It has a typical brass loop on the rear and is approximately ⅝” in diameter.   Regarding buttons, picture from 1960, describes them as “flat.” His is domed.
I am inclined to think that it is an early NYC Police (transit) button as opposed to a NYC RR Police as it uses “NYC” as the jurisdiction.
NYC Police RR Brass Button 6
NY City Transit police came about in 1953 when the 3 subway lines plus various bus companies were consolidated as “New York City Transit Authority”.

New York Central Railroad Police go back to early 1900’s. Actual date questionable. A 1921 “New York Central Lines” magazine described P.J. Shay, the heroic Grand Central police officer who had foiled a robbery of…

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