Robert R Young Hog Ad



The famous ad, “A Hog Can Cross the Country Without Changing Trains -But YOU Can’t!” was created in 1946. At the time Robert R. Young was still Chairman of the Chesapeake Ohio and Nickel Plate and was vying to get control of the Pullman Company. That was the impetus for the ad. There’s an interesting story to the ad, too.

C&O was a client of the Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago and that was the agency that actually created the ad.  It was one of three ads they created based on ideas in a speech Young had recently given. The agency copywriter assigned to create the ads — and Young wanted them quickly — was a young man on his first day with the Burnett agency. He was given a transcript of Young’s speech and in the margin Young had scribbled a note about hogs being able to go…

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