Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Reflections of a lantern
into glowing eyes
questioning origins
of known blatant lies
cause, necessity, a desire, a need
was it dark envy or truly blind greed
cave lit up, muted sounds rise
piercing long whispers, silence demise
logic was castigated, passion ran loose
soul was captured, hanging in a noose
power of persuasion, led to abuse
not long to refuse, final undisputed truth

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Guess What? A “Traditional” Retailer Might Beat Amazon and Google at “Same-Day Delivery”


Much has been made of Amazon’s  race for same-day delivery and Google looking to cut them off at the pass. In fact, Google just revealed they have been testing their own airborne drone delivery system, dubbed Project Wing, that could deliver small items to customers. While Google and Amazon’s drones are still a few years away – these online giants are still going to need physical space from which to distribute. That’s a substantial capital expenditure.
What if then, there were a store that already had “distribution centers” all over the country from which they could offer same-day delivery right here and right now.
That store could be MACY’s
It is a known fact that they are piloting it in four markets. They are working with FedEx, UPS and eBay. They are adding all sorts  of  technology as part of the renovation of their New York City flagship store.

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Trends In Healthcare And The Life Sciences And Their Impact On Ecommerce

Despite the cacophony of technology available today, not all industries have embraced or responded to it as steadily as it has proliferated our lives. Healthcare is one of those industries, although now it’s on the fast track.


As a way of studying and distilling how trends in healthcare and the life sciences impact ecommerce, researchers at The University Tilak Maharashta Vidyapeeth in Pude, India recently released A Critical Study of Ecommerce in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Ron Dyer, a former technology analyst with Goldman Sachs who, when interviewed for the study was a consultant for Boys’ Harbor, a New York social service agency, says technology will dramatically transform the pharmaceutical industry in the coming decade. He called “increased business to business transactions over the Internet…unstoppable.” Dyer noted that even today, consumers are obtaining their prescriptions and fulfilling other medical needs over the Internet, and that trend will become prevalent as time evolves.

“Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers will do the business transactions online and will increase these transactions online,” said Dyer. He also predicted that health care providers will offer chat room sessions and discussions over the World Wide Web, so information regarding health care can be exchanged quickly and inexpensively.

Lauren Lawrence – Dream Expert To The Stars

Dreams are to the mind what weightlifting is to the body! Get pumped on your dreams!

Lost something in a dream? Feel an inner conflict? Need to leave an impression?

Analyst Lauren Lawrence reveals the secrets behind your dreams….

Lauren Lawrence is a socialite dreams expert, author and dreams columnist of the NY Daily News; she hosted the show “Celebrity Nightmares Decoded” on BIO channel & has published many books.4-5-2015 3-34-21 PM

Ms. Lawrence has de-mystified the dreams of today’s most private personalities, including Stephen Baldwin, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss,  Diane Von Furstenberg, Carolyn Roehm, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Mario Buatta, Emanuel Ungaro, Luciano Pavarotti and Sophia Loren.

Lauren Lawrence has appeared on numerous TV shows including the Tyra Banks Show, E’s Star Treatment, CNN’s Money Line and Fox and Friends. Is it any wonder? Few can reveal their hidden meaning like Lauren Lawrence.

Bet we’d love to have her at a dinner party…

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Dexter & Northern Railroad



Map above from the 1957 ETT shows the line in place from Dexter Junction to Dexter.


Map above shows Dexter today.


Map above is a close-up of Dexter today. Note what looks like the trace of the New York Central on the right above the river. Note a small bridge in bottom left. This COULD have carried the Dexter & Northern from the plant to the New York Central connection.

Recently saw an “anniversary” announcement: “In 1956, the Dexter & Northern Railroad line was purchased by the New York Central Railroad and reopened for service.” Now I did know a little about this short line’s early history, but nothing about it’s later life.

I had access to New York Central Employee Timetables (ETT) from 1941, 1957 and 1959. The Dexter & Northern Railroad connected with the Cape Vincent Branch of the New York Central at Dexter Junction. The…

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Nicholson (PA) Ramps Up for 100th Anniversary of Railroad Bridge: (Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct-DL&W)


Nicholson (PA) Ramps Up for 100th Anniversary of Railroad Bridge
(Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct-DL&W)*

The Tunkhannock Viaduct was a marvel of the modern world when it was
completed in 1915. A century later, it remains the world’s largest
reinforced concrete railroad bridge, spanning not just Tunkhannock creek
hundreds of feet below, but the entire valley containing the borough of
Nicholson in eastern Wyoming County.


Borough officials and members of several groups vested in retaining
Nicholson’s heritage and celebrating the history of the grand old bridge
are hoping to draw thousands of people to the small rural town from Friday
to Sunday, Sept. 11 to 13 for an activity-packed weekend that will feature
a parade, historical exhibits, and walking tours. The weekend will
culminate with what organizers expect to be Nicholson’s biggest Bridge Day

“We are excited to celebrate our Bridge’s 100th anniversary and look
forward to working with our neighbors…

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