10 reasons why you shouldn’t work from home

the learning, earning and fitness mama

Working from home is not for the faint hearted….

Here’s why….

1) No one is there to tell you what to do.

When you’re in the office and you’re trawling through pages and pages of Facebook there is no one there to tell you otherwise!

You could be in Cyberland for YEARS before someone tells you to stop.

Quiet frankly it’s easier to have someone tell you what not to do!

2) It is seriously lonely.

Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of deep and meaningful conversations with my toddlers, the only problem is they won’t respond.

Not in the way my former colleagues at work would anyway.

There’s no ‘water cooler chat,’ no one to bitch to about the boss, and no one to call on when you’re keen for some girly talk.

Instead you’ll find yourself starved of conversation you’ll end up talking to anyone who cares to…

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