Getting Lost is Not a Waste of Time

Quill & Quest

Created by me. Created by me using Adobe Illustrator.

It’s the tagline for this blog and quickly becoming the tagline for my life: Getting lost is not a waste of time. 

It’s a simple thought, really. But it goes against what most people operate by. A lot of us are in a hurry. Or even if we’re not in a hurry per se, we’re on a set timeline. We have a list of things we need to see or do and an idea of when they need to be done by.

We do this without really thinking about it. Maybe we’re concerned about making a deadline or not missing the train and subconsciously checking everything off our list. And this isn’t always a bad thing — this can promote productivity, keep us focused on a goal, or help us find order in all the chaos of a busy schedule.

But sometimes we’re trying so…

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