Troy Union Railroad Towers




In many of the short articles we have put out over the last few months on the “towers” of the Troy Union Railroad, all we refer to is one at each end of the station. Actually, this should be better explained. I found an old article from Gordon Davids that will give you a better perspective on the signal stations, bridges, telegraph calls etc. within the Troy Union Railroad.

The telegraph office at Troy was in the station. The office call was UN on the NYC Mohawk and Hudson Divisions, and the D&H. There were four dispatcher’s circuits into Troy – NYC Hudson Mohawk, D&H Saratoga, B&M Fitchburg, and Rutland. The Rutland dispatching ended at North Bennington, but they still had a wire to Troy. Tower 1 had a NYC dispatcher’s telephone. Tower 2 had NYC, B&M and Rutland dispatcher’s phones. Tower 3 had a phone to the D&H CTC…

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