Trends In Healthcare And The Life Sciences And Their Impact On Ecommerce

Despite the cacophony of technology available today, not all industries have embraced or responded to it as steadily as it has proliferated our lives. Healthcare is one of those industries, although now it’s on the fast track.


As a way of studying and distilling how trends in healthcare and the life sciences impact ecommerce, researchers at The University Tilak Maharashta Vidyapeeth in Pude, India recently released A Critical Study of Ecommerce in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Ron Dyer, a former technology analyst with Goldman Sachs who, when interviewed for the study was a consultant for Boys’ Harbor, a New York social service agency, says technology will dramatically transform the pharmaceutical industry in the coming decade. He called “increased business to business transactions over the Internet…unstoppable.” Dyer noted that even today, consumers are obtaining their prescriptions and fulfilling other medical needs over the Internet, and that trend will become prevalent as time evolves.

“Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers will do the business transactions online and will increase these transactions online,” said Dyer. He also predicted that health care providers will offer chat room sessions and discussions over the World Wide Web, so information regarding health care can be exchanged quickly and inexpensively.


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