Bhutan Diaries: Chelela Pass~ ‘ A Pass not to be missed..’

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Chelela pass is at an elevation of 13000 ft above sea level, considered to be one of the highest motorable roads in Bhutan. It’s about an hour drive from Paro, it passes through lush valleys, pine and rhododendron forest.The drive to this pass was just amazing. This place was not in our initial plan. We added it to our list just the day before we visited this place. That’s the reason why I never prefer any travel agencies, I always believe the finest exploration always lies with the individual instincts.

Chelela pass (2) One of the Highest motorable roads in Bhutan

It was so windy and Freezing. Our driver told us that 'they call chelela as A.C of Bhutan. It was so windy and Freezing. Our driver told us that ‘they call chelela as A.C of Bhutan.

It’s always exciting to remember the joy we carry, if any last minute call ends up with a fabulous surprise package. It has obviously considered being the best part of our trip.  This pass…

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Dots Connected

The Uncertainty Principle

A star twinkles, beautiful they see…
So far, unfathomable by thee…
Closer you go, the fire it burns…
Giving the soothing light…
While its heart and mind, ablaze in turns.

Constellations form, light years away…
Jock Tamson’s Bairn, always have a way…
Dots are spotted, among billions they say…
Sense injected, into randomness at play…
Stars connected happy and gay.

Constellation was incomplete, a star missing…
Scottish it was, humanity sipping…
Magical hands, wit at its best…
Writes she when, swells the pen’s chest…
Words shared together, the search came to rest.

Happy she was, sad she felt…
A teacher a mother, in her all the goodness dwelt…
Light she radiates, heat she suffer…
Soon the wind blows, cools the burning mother…
And with constellation complete, its time for supper.

Written for a beautiful blogger whose words never fail to impress and inspire. Thank you @scottishmomus ( I still have…

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Happy Birthday to Me!!

My Life

Birthdays are a new start, a fresh beginning, and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. Move forward with confidence and courage. I’llForget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things yet to come. I want to set the world on fire with my dreams and use the flame to light my birthday candle.I am always grateful to my parents for the gift of my life, without them I might not be here posting this :p. I’m jealous of my parents because I will never have a son so cute as they have.Happy birthday to me!

Dont listen to people who tell you how to live life, live your life in your own way. ‘Life is short my dear friends try to Live as if today is your last day. It is more important to be satisfied and happy than rich and powerful.


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NJ Man Leads Fight To Feature PATH Trains Prominently On The NYC Subway Map

Should the PATH trains be better included on our subway map? Digital media strategist Stewart Mader believes they should, and he reminds us the New Jersey trains used to be incorporated—up until the Vignelli map, the PATH was prominently featured.

Subway maps in New York City have a long history of including the Hudson Waterfront and subway connections between New York and New Jersey. The 1968 map displayed the H&M tunnels (labeled “PATH Tubes”), and stations (represented with black dots) more prominently than previous maps, but did not include labels containing station names. It also included an unlabeled outline of the Hudson Waterfront. The Hudson Waterfront and PATH were excluded from the 1972 map designed by Massimo Vignelli. A small portion of the Hudson Waterfront, labeled “New Jersey” reappeared on the 1979 map, but has been absent since about 1990.


The current subway map does make note of the PATH trains, but Mader believes they need to be better represented as a rapid-transit system, as NYC’s “second subway,” with NJ looking like a 6th borough on the other side of the Hudson. He notes in his proposal that:

It operates 24/7, provides frequent service with short headways (time between trains), accepts the same pay-per-ride MetroCard as the Subway for fare payment, and has six underground stations in Manhattan (four with direct physical connections to the New York City Subway). The current fleet of PATH train cars (PA5) are an updated version of the Subway cars (R142A) used on the 4 and 6 trains.However, PATH is represented on the Subway Map using the visual style labeled “Commuter rail service” in the map’s key: pale blue “railroad track” lines, square station markers, and small, lightweight text labels. This appears to be an incorrect application of the MTA visual style guide, and doesn’t effectively communicate to Subway riders that PATH is also a rapid-transit service.

Mader has created a rendering of the new map himself, and his website Subway NY NJ holds his entire proposal. This week he told us, “I was also careful to stay within the existing geographical boundaries of the map, as well as the style guide, so that it would be clear that this can be added without fundamentally altering the character and usability of the map. I also added a description box with info on PATH, and a disclaimer that service is not provided by MTA, but MetroCard is accepted.”

The idea is an inexpensive one, Mader claims, “it’s meant to be the kind of regional thinking and cooperation that wouldn’t cost the agencies much in terms of time or money, especially compared to capital projects.” One potential issue he notes is that the shade of blue the PATH uses is close to the Second Avenue Subway (but lol that’s never getting finished in our lifetimes). (That is a joke… depending on when you die.)

So far Mader says he’s “gotten positive reception from the Port Authority, but no on the record response from MTA yet.” Reached for comment, MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg told us the following in response:

Showing other regional services like PATH in greater detail is a good use for a regional transit map, similar to the one put together for the Super Bowl. However, our map is a subway map, and its primary purpose is to serve as a guide to the subway system. We put a lot of thought into how to reduce the visual distractions and clutter on the map—we don’t even show our own railroads in much detail—but this proposal would add to those non-subway distractions.We already show PATH where it meets the subway system, although without seeming to imply nonexistent free transfers at the Sixth Avenue stations, and making PATH more prominent would require shrinking the subway portion of the map slightly to accommodate more of the New Jersey waterfront on the same size paper.

However, the MTA does include the AirTrain to JFK on the map, which is also a Port Authority-operated service. Mader points out that “there’s a precedent on the current map to include non-MTA services that directly connect to the MTA network, which PATH does at four Manhattan stations.”

Lane Bryant Owner Buying Ann Taylor For $2.1 Billion

Women’s retailer Ann Inc. has agreed to a $2.1 billion takeover bid by Ascena Retail Group, which is adding over 1,000 stores and more than $2.5 billion in annual sales to the larger company’s portfolio.

The cash-and-stock deal values Ann at $47 per share, with shareholders set to receive $37.34 in cash for each share and the rest in Ascena stock. The deal implies a $47 per share price based on Ascena’s closing price on Friday. After the acquisition, which is expected to close in the second half of this year, Ann shareholders will own about 16% of the combined company.

The Ann acquisition comes at an interesting time for the women’s apparel business. Many players in the sector of retail that caters to older women have found themselves out of fashion with their target audience, and millennials have shunned the sector altogether.

The Ascena offer is a 21% premium to Ann’s closing price on Friday and above any level the stock has ever traded at. The board of directors at both companies have approved the acquisition.

With the addition of the Ann Taylor and LOFT brands, Ascena will become one of North America’s largest and most diversified specialty apparel retailers, with a tremendous set of opportunities to continue to expand its leadership position in the women’s apparel market,” said Ascena President and CEO David Jaffe in a statement.

The deal will add the Ann Taylor and LOFT brands to Ascena Retail’s fleet of stores, already operating about 3,900 stores under the Lane Bryant, dressbarn, Catherines and Justice brands with annual revenue of nearly $4.8 billion. Ann is far smaller, generating consistent sales growth in recent years though profitability was lower in the latest fiscal year. Ascena said the deal will add to earnings and generate “significant cash flow.”

Because women’s apparel-focused retailers and brands have struggled, merger-and-acquisition action has heated up. As a result, competitors in the space have struggled, resulting in acquisitions to private-equity firms or falling into bankruptcy. Coldwater Creek, which landed into bankruptcy, sold its intellectual property to Sycamore Partners while Talbots was also acquired by the private-equity firm in a separate transaction that only amounted to $369 million including debt. Many have speculated that Chico’s could be on the block, while J. Jill was acquired for a reported $400 million by TowerBrook Capital Partners LP earlier this year.

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Cowboys & Aliens (2011)


Round ‘em up boys, we’re strapping these varmints to skyrocket into space…and please don’t forget “Happy” and the “Wonder Twins”!

Cowboys & AliensUniversal Studios in association with DreamWorks Studios, Paramount Pictures, Fairview Entertainment, K/O Paper Products and Platinum Studios present…

Created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg on December 2006, his work was assisted with fellow Writers Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley. While rendering the artwork were Dennis Calero and Penciler Luciano Lima.

Directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man) he gave his own rendition to the plot that emphasizes heavily on survival and diversity! He further explained that he wanted something new to experience mixing camera shots, lighting and background music which gave a prejudiced environment from the humans to the aliens’ point of view! While Director of Photography Matthew Libatique (Everything is Illuminated) returning from his previous collaboration with Iron Man 1 and 2 with Jon, he provides a focused take on…

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I’m A Dumb Slut Because Smart Whores Get Paid.

It's not my fault.

“> is an affiliate of eBay

*Warning, this post contains graphic material that may not be suitable for sensitive readers or those under 18 years of age. Read at your own risk*

In my Most recent attempt to get over Donut I stumbled upon the worst sex of my life.

Brutus, The Bar Owner, Beef Cake. Congratulations to you sir! Brutus is the first man that I have had sex with (more than once) that was unable to give me an orgasm. That’s quite the accomplishment.

The first time I had sex with Brutus was in the back of his bar, in his “liquor room”, on a stool. You see, I told Brutus that I “wasn’t that girl” (and resisted his weenie for a good five dates before this).

I obviously was.

He slipped his ding-dong in me that night for the first time. Three thrusts later, he pulled…

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