Keratin Treatment is your Express Ticket for Gorgeous Looking Hair

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If you have hair which is hard to manage, maybe you can consider keratin treatment. Keratin treatment is very popular hair’s treatment at the moment, mostly among young women with long hair. Why?  Because it make hair look amazing with gorgeous healthy shine and give your hair texture of the silk.

What is Keratin Treatment?  Lots of people call it keratin straightening  which is not quite correct and causing confusion for many women and many of us have expectations for hair is  to be totally strait after the treatment. But in reality it’s pretty much only smoothing treatment which makes hair very easy to manage and to style. During the procedure, keratin seals into the cuticle to lock out freeze and to reduce curl. In salon procedure normally takes up to three hours where professional will wash your hair first, dry it out, then apply keratin & leave it for 15-30 min to seal in, then dry it…

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