Advertise Your Business at Pawling, New York Metro North Station. Only $100 For the Year.

Because we write a lot about trains, we just got an interesting advertisement from Metro North about Pawling, New York.

So where is Pawling, New York,


The Pawling Metro-North Railroad station serves the residents of Pawling, New York via the Harlem Line. Trains leave for New York City every two hours, and about every 30 minutes during rush hour. It is 63.7 miles (104 km) from Grand Central Terminal and travel time to Grand Central is approximately one hour, 48 minutes.

This station is located in the Zone 8 Metro-North fare zone. It is the southernmost station in Dutchess County on the Harlem Line.

The ticket agent/office was closed in 1977. Today it is used by the local chamber of commerce