A Movie Filmed On The Troy & Schenectady Railroad???


Anybody ever hear of a movie filmed on the Troy & Schenectady branch of the New York Central Railroad?

A railroad movie seller, GE Nordell, has just added in a new movie called “Block Signal”  Railroad Film Festival (page 1) at Spirit of America Bookstore
He thinks it was filmed on the T&S in 1926

Check out the DVD cover Amazon.com: Block Signal (Silent): Ralph Lewis, Jean Arthur, Hugh Allen, George Chesebro, Frank O’Connor: Movies & TV

I asked the T&S Group on YAHOO Forums this question.

First comment I got was “I just got done watching it, unfortunately I don’t recognize any scenes but could be wrong.  The engines are labeled T&S but don’t look like NYC engines.  I do like the clerk at “Winona” station, quite cute. “

Then I got a reply from Gino DiCarlo who is the acknowledged expert on the T&S: “There must have been another…

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