Cowboys & Aliens (2011)


Round ‘em up boys, we’re strapping these varmints to skyrocket into space…and please don’t forget “Happy” and the “Wonder Twins”!

Cowboys & AliensUniversal Studios in association with DreamWorks Studios, Paramount Pictures, Fairview Entertainment, K/O Paper Products and Platinum Studios present…

Created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg on December 2006, his work was assisted with fellow Writers Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley. While rendering the artwork were Dennis Calero and Penciler Luciano Lima.

Directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man) he gave his own rendition to the plot that emphasizes heavily on survival and diversity! He further explained that he wanted something new to experience mixing camera shots, lighting and background music which gave a prejudiced environment from the humans to the aliens’ point of view! While Director of Photography Matthew Libatique (Everything is Illuminated) returning from his previous collaboration with Iron Man 1 and 2 with Jon, he provides a focused take on…

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