Exactly what is a “mastermind group”?

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Here’s a no-brainer question ~ If you can get an answer in minutes versus hours (or days!), which would you choose? ~ The group described below is all about people helping people in real-time. Informal but POWERFUL!

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Harry Hawk: Hello, we’re here with Alex Yong, a journalist and a watcher of all things public relations 2.0. Alex, can you tell us what a “mastermind group” is?

Alex Yong: Hey Harry! A mastermind group is a Napoleon Hill concept that says many minds are better than one. That’s the short answer. It’s basically people sharing what they know freely and openly. That collaboration then becomes one mind, a mastermind – and everybody has access to it. The big advantage is the ability to get an answer or suggestion in minutes instead of wasting hours. When you’re struggling with an issue, a mastermind like ours can be a life-saver.

Harry Hawk: How…

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