Ranking 5 of Europe’s Best Metro Systems.

The Chronicles of Wanderlust.

chroniclesofwanderlust-europetransittickets Some of our metro ticket stubs from Europe. Clockwise: Brussels, Paris (two types), Sweden (two types), London (four types), and Berlin.

Maze Hill, Troon, Grands Boulevards, Hufelandstraße, and Telefonplan. These terms probably mean absolutely nothing to you, but when we were in Europe, they meant home.

Whether you consider yourself a traveler or a tourist, it is always important to familiarize yourself with a city’s metro. A better understanding of these systems would ultimately save you time and avoid confusion or squabbles. In many major metropolitan areas, a sophisticated public transit system is already in place. Taking the metro to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ is both efficient and inexpensive (dependent on how often you use it, of course).

We relied heavily on the metro systems of London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, and, to a lesser extent, Brussels when we visited Europe. There was…

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