Fact of the Day – Water Wakes You Up More Than Caffeine Does


I had a large glass of water instead of my most loved morning cup of breakfast tea today and I feel miles better for it. I was starting to crave two cups of tea every morning because one wasn’t doing it for me anymore. This is because the effects of caffeine effect you less and less the more that you allow yourself.

I feel fresh, awake and full of energy which is very unusual for me because I am not a morning person, it must be the water I drank.

To make it a bit funner and nicer to drink than just a glass of tap water, you could add chunks of cut up fruit like pineapple, orange and lemon and leave them in your fridge over night in the water. You could do a huge jug and it would last the working week.

Making this fruit infused water will make it taste nicer…

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