Setting a Goal, Earning The View

conquering the climb; 46 Mountains, One Lifetime

For months I have been trying to brainstorm the perfect blog that I would have no problems writing endless posts and taking endless pictures for. I started giving up on my little blogging hobby; Every weekend I’m gone on a camping trip.. how could I even make my posts consistent? And then I thought, “Why not combine my two favorite things… posting content online with my outdoor adventures.”

So now here I am, writing a blog about my goal to climb all 46 of the Adirondack High Peaksin upstate New York. The only feeling greater than being surrounded entirely by nature is the feeling of overcoming a goal as great as climbing a mountain. I hope to try and put those feelings into words and share with you the exhilarating feeling that is reaching your dreams, or in this case, the summit.


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