Michelle’s Swimsuit Collection

2 Classy Sisters

Since I’m in St. Lucia right now enjoying a beach getaway with my sisters, I thought I would share with you my swimsuit collection.  As you will see, all of my swimsuits are from Victoria’s Secret.  I have just found that these swimsuits fit me the best.  Since I have a bigger butt, a lot of swimsuit bottoms from different brands are too small for me.  Luckily Victoria’s Secret’s bottoms fit me really well, along with the swim suit tops.  Ever since I started wearing Victoria’s Secret swimsuits I honestly have hardly tried any other swimsuits because I like them so much.

I will provide links to the swimsuits that I show you below if they are still available.  Pretty much all of the styles should be on the website because they are swimsuits that they have every year.  Some of the patterns/colors of mine just might not be available…

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Life Update | New Business & Positivity

Polished by Amy

Polished by Amy

Hey guys!

As I sat down to write today’s post, I had no direction in mind. I felt like chatting with you guys because I believe it’s been a while. You all have been a huge support system over this past year and I love sharing my journey! So today I wanted to give some updates and maybe even some motivation on this lovely Wednesday.

Mylast life update was about my decision to leave my salon job and start my own personal business. I went into some detail about why I was unhappy working there and in the past salon jobs. I received such AMAZING support from all of my lovely followers and it made me feel awesome. On the other hand, some of the people affiliated with my old salon were not so happy for me. That post actually got quite a lot of buzz from people around me…

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[Review] New! Maybelline Fit Me Foundation ‘Dewy + Smooth’

A More BeYOUtiful You


The famous Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation has 2 additional new versions now! Fit Me Foundation was on many beauty bloggers’ favorites lists. However, many people commented that they wished the product was more specific for each skin type. To meet their needs, Maybelline released 2 new versions of Fit Me Foundation: Dewy + Smooth and Matte + Poreless. Since I have dry skin, I purchased the Dewy + Smooth one.

I loved Mac’s Moisture Foundation, so I expected this new Fit Me foundation to give nice dewy glowy look like the Mac one. Let’s see whether it could be a dupe for Mac’s foundation.

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The other side

The Falling Thoughts

That night was so sad and dark

I had no one to share and talk

I was walking in the street

My body froze, it was hard to move my feet

A homeless man was singing

Such a sweet song

And I was thinking

What have I done wrong?

My blood turned into hot tears

They were rolling from my thirsty eyes

My heart was melting

I was looking in the sky

An angel showed up and asked

Hey sweetheart why are you sad?

Did he hurt you again?

Did he cause you pain?

Why don’t you leave him and move on?

I looked and asked

How would you feel if you lost your wings?

The angel wiped off my tears

Gave me a big hug and said

“Can you hear the homeless man who is singing a song?”

Poor man has no place to stay

He might go hungry…

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The Falling Thoughts

Painter, butcher and baker

Smart phones and hackers

Real people and fakers

Joker and terminator

Broken marriages and mediator

Caregiver and caretaker

Preacher and master-bater 

Graveyards and movie theatre 

Real lover and hater

Patriot acts like a traitor 

Vegetarian eating like an alligator 

Buddha killing like a gladiator 

Devil is on vacation 

He has hired religious predator 

We forget to live and forgive 

Giver has become a taker 

Creations forgot about their creator 

God looking for a new translator 


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

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Walking down an alley

midnight clamour

how amazing human beings are..

some find calmness walking down a busy alley..

yet, some crave for silence, failing to escape the chaos of a moonlight night..staying up late to safeguard the clock., where two strikes of the pendulum comprised of more secrets than her lips ever uttered..

the thoughts were ink..the moon was the half written book..



(photography and writing both done by me)

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Graveyard of broken dreams

midnight clamour

I craved a love so deep,

that when our souls locked hands, even affection couldn’t slip through..

but, our world, where all that love does is weep, you & i, he & she, all making love under the lamp of our own ego, and all we ever did, was hold the sword that would defend us by the sharp end..

and, now as I dwell in my castle of loneliness..i still crave for the smear of your lust spread across my bedsheet, which was once our voyage to infinity..

every night, as the curtain of darkness fell upon us, the moon silenced the earth to listen to your 2 a.m secrets & fetishes..

yet amidst all the envy & stale dreams, I swear that the dust that I am returned to, to even the withered flowers that will once decorate my tomb will love you entirely, from the taste of…

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Elemental, my dear Watson!

Impromptu Promptlings

The Four Elements

www.thestresssurfer.com http://www.thestresssurfer.com

Have you ever stopped to wonder which of the four elements you identify the most with: earth, air, fire, or water? I’ve given it a lot of thought and have come to the conclusion that I am wind (as a more tangible expression of air)! I came to this conclusion by a process of elimination rather than an overwhelming sense of “YES! THAT’S ME!”

element earthInterestingly the strongest reaction I had to any of the elements was earth, punctuated by a resounding “NO!” For me to be of earth would be like unto death. I abhor the thought of being “earthbound” like a bird whose wings have been clipped. I would feel “forced,” as if living at all was “against my will.” My spirit longs to soar like a bird, free of all restraints.

element fireI can’t be fire either, for although I’ve spent most of my life…

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