Elemental, my dear Watson!

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The Four Elements

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Have you ever stopped to wonder which of the four elements you identify the most with: earth, air, fire, or water? I’ve given it a lot of thought and have come to the conclusion that I am wind (as a more tangible expression of air)! I came to this conclusion by a process of elimination rather than an overwhelming sense of “YES! THAT’S ME!”

element earthInterestingly the strongest reaction I had to any of the elements was earth, punctuated by a resounding “NO!” For me to be of earth would be like unto death. I abhor the thought of being “earthbound” like a bird whose wings have been clipped. I would feel “forced,” as if living at all was “against my will.” My spirit longs to soar like a bird, free of all restraints.

element fireI can’t be fire either, for although I’ve spent most of my life…

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