The other side

The Falling Thoughts

That night was so sad and dark

I had no one to share and talk

I was walking in the street

My body froze, it was hard to move my feet

A homeless man was singing

Such a sweet song

And I was thinking

What have I done wrong?

My blood turned into hot tears

They were rolling from my thirsty eyes

My heart was melting

I was looking in the sky

An angel showed up and asked

Hey sweetheart why are you sad?

Did he hurt you again?

Did he cause you pain?

Why don’t you leave him and move on?

I looked and asked

How would you feel if you lost your wings?

The angel wiped off my tears

Gave me a big hug and said

“Can you hear the homeless man who is singing a song?”

Poor man has no place to stay

He might go hungry…

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