Never forget three types of people in your life:



The Falling Thoughts

A little kid was curious,

He asked his mother:

Why is the sky blue?

And clouds are white?

Why is my skin black?

And yours is white?

Why doesn’t dad live with us?

And why do you guys always fight?

Why do tears taste salty?

And why do I have to be alone on weekend nights?

When the sky gets dark,

Why does the stars look so bright?

Mother was playing with her new phone.

She had to get ready, her boyfriend was coming soon.

She grabbed his arm with an angry look.

Go watch T.V or read a book.

I have a headache, still need to cook.

Still didn’t get a chance to update my status on Facebook.


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My Life: Four years of Blogging

My Life

‘My life’ blog has turned 4 today. Four years of my online journey has just flew away. When I started this blog I was very new to this world. Most of my friends suggested me not to start it, because it kills most of my free time which is hard to get. But still my passion towards blogging made me to start it anyway. I wrote my blog with the breathings of my dreams & beatings of my heart.

What did I learnt from blogging? Thanks to blogging, I have started seeing every aspect of life positively which indeed helped me in growing matured and happier day by day..

What do I write about? I generally write about my experiences, my travels, Photography, Health tips, Foods, Historical temples & architectural extravaganzas. While writing my blog, I would try to make it precise, effective and content oriented.

Through this incredible & beautiful journey…

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