5 Things to do in Manhattan, New York City

5 things to do today

We are very grateful to Colton Beach for these 5 things from a local perspective. You can read Colton’s blog here.

Manhattan is just one of several diverse and sprawling boroughs of the 8 million strong, mega-city everyone knows simply as “New York” (or just “the city” as New Yorkers call it.) Here, you can do practically anything, but I enjoy just soaking in my city anyway I can. Here are 5 things I love to do here in Manhattan, NYC.

1. Local Coffee Shops

The coffee scene in this city has exploded (in a good way) over the last couple decades. New York coffee used to be a joke, but with the rising popularity of coffee shop hang outs and coffee addictions, NYC has risen to the challenge. A great way to see the city is to find a coffee place (preferably with wifi, climate control, and good…

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Travel Destinations By 7:AM

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson

Aside from me being from the Philippines (although i am now based in Singapore since 2010) Boracay is just a 40-minute-domestic-flight from Manila and the island never ceases to amaze me every time i pay a visit. But why do i keep coming back to see it? isn’t it once is enough?

Then i asked myself the same question and myself has given me these replies or reasons back:

Inviting white sand beach of boracay

1.) YOU LIKE THAT PRISTINE WHITE BEACH: Although i’ve been there only 5 times, my urge to go back again is still there i should say. I remember my first time going there back in 2006, it was my first time to ride a plane (would you believe…

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Workout Wednesdays // Daily Workout Apps week three.

Ordinary Adventures

Every other day this week, I had to sit and convince myself to get going. I had to keep telling myself that if I got to Wednesday with nothing, I’d feel way worse than I would after a five minute workout. Four different days, I struggled to will myself to get up. It didn’t really get easier. But I did it! I worked out my arms and my body four full times this week.

It has been quite a while since I’ve used these apps to work out regularly, and I don’t remember them being so hard! On my second workout day, I had to do one arm side push ups… those are now my mortal enemies. But I was so proud when I finished both the left and right side without giving up or slowing down.

I mean look at those things! That’s an actual screen shot from the…

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Ali’s Itsy Bitsy Bites. Meeting the Godfather of, The Pizza Works.

Ali's itsy bitsy bites


I can proudly say that my mission has been accomplished! When I had my first pizza at The Pizza Works,


I couldn’t believe how delicious it was! At the time, I wrote a short piece about it but, in my mind, I had a doubt about the rest of the dishes. Therefore, in the interest of research, I decided to work my way through their pizza menu!


It took several visits until it became quite clear to me that they DO, in fact, have delicious pizza! By the way, they have other dishes, but my target was pizza, a sandwich and one dessert.




My last order was Pizza Calzone. They told me it was not on the menu, but they checked with the chef to see if he could make it as a special request.


He agreed and it was nice of him to make it for me, and because…

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A walking human tree

Words dipped in Happiness

She planted some seeds of her memory in my brain few years ago, which she doesn’t remember. The seeds obtained the required nutrients from the food I ate and water I drank. They started growing, day by day. Don’t know how the sun-shine entered my brain, the plants initiated the Photo-synthesis process in my brain. Now those seeds of her memory have grown into trees. The trees breath on their own, disturbing my nervous system. The neurons of my brain are completely replaced by branches of her memories. I never thought that those wonderful memories will turn my life into these irritating trees. Just like fruits, her memories are growing on these trees every time, I think I have to survive only on her memories. Yes, I am a walking human tree now.

Thanks for reading.

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Skin Care Routine


Hey Voguettes! Today I will be showing you my skin care routine!


I start off my day by using the Clear Pore Cleanser from Neutrogena . This cleanser helps prevent breakouts, and it retails for $7.99 at most drugstores.


Next, I put on the Neutrogena  On The Spot Acne Treatment, and this works like magic for me! It makes acne go away in no time! It retails for $7.49 at most drugstores as well, and I very highly recommend this product!


later in the day before I go to bed, I wash my face with the Saint Ives Green Tea Scrub. This prevents acne and also prevents black heads as well. This retails for $4.49, at drugstores, and really takes care of blackheads! Lastly, I reply the Acne Treatment, before I go to bed.

bonnie acne

(Model = Bonnie)

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