Dare To Go Bare

TheCurly And TheStraight

When a brand releases new products my twin sister and I probably get just a little bit too excited. When we found out about the new Rimmel Nudes our reaction was even worse! As nude tones are probably our most favorite due to the simplicity and easy wear of them this was one release we were counting down the days for. We purchased two pieces from the line to tell you about, including one nail polish and one lipstick, around a week ago so we’ve had plenty of time to test them out and let you know what we think.


The lipstick, if you’ve read our earlier postfrom last week,we already mentioned just how much we adore the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks. So to find out there were new shades, we were thrilled! This has a really nice finish and is quite a subtle lip color but can be…

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