O at the Edges



Yesterday’s rain informs me I’m born of luck and blended
strands, of hope and words forged before a common tongue emerged.

Of my first two languages only one still breathes.

The other manifests in exile, in blurred images and hummed tunes.

Rice is my staple. I eat it without regarding its English etymology,
its transition from Sanskrit to Persian and Greek, to Latin, to French.

Flooding is not mandatory in cultivation, but requires less effort.

Rice contains arsenic, yet I crave its polished grains.

In my monolingual home we still call it gohan, literally cooked rice, or meal.
The kanji character, bei, also means America.

Representing a field, it symbolizes abundance, security, and fertility.

Three rice plants tied with a rope. Many. Life’s foundation.

To understand Japan, look to rice. To appreciate breadth, think gohan.
Humility exemplified: sake consists of rice, water and mold.

The words…

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Love No One

DoubleU = W

I don’t blame you

there are no hard feelings

the truth may be a different matter

though I am capable of love

I am not able to love anyone

the way that I love you

I had reserved everything

held it all back for you

it’s not possible to give

that or anything to you now

leaving me with only one choice:


because no one else is you

I will love no one


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The Great Debat Pt 3: LETS FALL IN LOVE


Let’s Fall in Love


Y’all remember the definition of relationship right? It’s the concept or idea of people being connected; so explain to me when did the value of having a connection with someone die? Its really sad if you ask me. Men and women are both subject to fault for defacing the values of building connections and relationships.  Most of my generation grew up in single parent households, not that it’s a bad thing, but the ability to see love grow on a daily basis wasn’t there. When the word “Love” is thrown around loosely, the idea of it isn’t cherished.

I honestly don’t think my generation sees the potential and influence we have on everyone.The kids under us are watching our every move and some act as if they aren’t aware. Right now we’re prime time TV and all eyes are on us. We laugh at the jokes…

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