Gypsy trash

Consciousness creates reality

This fire burns
on invisible ink

A slow
quiet panic
as blinking lights . .

Words that no longer mean—
words used the way they don’t seem—

Who lost their face
in the dark
casting shadows
lit up by the fire
burns on invisible ink—

Who went out of the way
to let go
even though
there was no undoing
our inheritance—

A steady drumbeat swings—

Who looked down the well—
who fell—
small droplets cling
to a magnifying glass

no, that
wasn’t it

Who dries up and hangs from the sun—

Who spoke in moths—

Who picks up the symbols
and shuffles them
into little boxes of misunderstanding—

Who left behind
Durga’s in the sand—

Who could no longer wait
at the bus stop speakerbox
disconnect neon highlighter

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Bruised Soul

The Falling Thoughts

My soul was bruised

Before you, yes

I was living but

With the feeling of

Being played and being used

My soul was bruised

My pillow was wet

I forgot about myself

But its hard to forget

The feeling of being used

My soul was bruised

Yes it was bruised

But until

I was blessed with your love

Kissed by your soft lips

I forgot what I had gone through

You have cured my soul

And now if God offered me heaven

Without you, that offer will be refused


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

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#WDBJShooting and Trust Communities

Johns Hopkins University Press Blog

by Kathryn Marguy

As a publicist, my days are consumed by social media. I post to our JHU Press Twitter and Facebook accounts, solicit content for our blog, and communicate with the media to schedule events and interviews. This position has allowed me the opportunity to connect with authors, reporters, corporate organizations, and fellow book lovers from around the world. There is a sort of safety that comes from this comradery. The WDBJ shooting on Wednesday seriously violated that level of trust.

LedeA real-time communication tool like Twitter allows each user to create his or her own social circles. JHU Press author Irene Wu calls these groups “trust communities.” The idea of trust communities, Dr. Wu writes in her book Forging Trust Communities: How Technology Changes Politics, “joins the ideas of network and community as a social group with the capacity to take collective action but without the rules…

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Nice Pad – Towerama

Don Charisma

I can’t remember whether this place is a hotel or private … I like it from this angle either way 🙂

It’s four (1wx4h L) photos merged with Photoshop Photomerge

Enjoy 😀 fantastic photos are available to buy at For our blog readers we’re currently offering a 15% promotional discount – use code dc1406 at checkout.

Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

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Path of Life

Karl's Blog

With a crisp breeze gently caressing my soul, I stroll in the cool morning light relinquishing my thoughts of a sleepless night passing. NatureFeatured image whispers in my ear as the collection of wings flutter and dance in a harmonized fashion with joyful song.

The trail is winding back and forth like the unbridled path of my life. The smell of nectar in the air filling my senses with tasteful pleasure.

The journey is long as my legs repeat step after step the body directs. A lonely loon cries out on the lake a warning to others a stranger aloft. Currents of life fill the air of a once barren space. A rabbit emerges to check me out, and then scampers off to hide from this intruder. Humans gone now, the ravages of war. Alone I am as I look for meaning, will I enter the darkness as did the rest…

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Montreal: A Wonderful Summer day at the Mount Royal



An unfamiliar language, increases the time spent on doing routine things.

Well, we were in the city of Montreal, where 70% of the people speak french and it is also the second largest french speaking city in the world after Paris. With everything in French and not in English (as we are used to), everything took longer – from getting directions to reading a menu.

Lesson learned – Before traveling, pick up more than a few words of the local language to make things easier.

Our visit to the Mount Royal (Mont Royal)

The trip began right from the time we settled in our car and the GPS started pronouncing the street names differently & we couldn’t figure out the directions. Our Drive from the hotel to the Mount Royal Park, though it wasn’t long, took quite some time – maybe an extra half an hour. And finally, when…

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