Tsukiji Market

The Amazing Travels

After going around Tsukiji Fish and Seafood Market, I was able to say “No wonder Japan is a foodie’s paradise! It has a stable supply of top-notch ingredients to the people who take quality so seriously!”.

Although this market has the sight, smell and sound of a typical marketplace, this is the “world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market” where such a wide range of edible bounties of nature meet wide-scale trade transactions.

It is fascinating to know the historic nature of this market…and how it has been remarkably run for centuries, from the time Tokugawa Ieyashu commissioned some fishermen to supply seafood for the Edo castle in the 17th century thus developing the Nihonbashi bridge into a fish quay where all the products not bought by the castle were sold… to being transferred to its present location after the Nihonbashi Fish Market was destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake…

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