Mastering Your Mind with Charlie Bradford. Part 1

Of Undisputed Origin


I started this blog to connect with brilliant thinkers and doers like yourself with the intention of making new friends from all around the world. It’s been less than a month and I am excited to say, that it’s working. I am inspired by what I am reading and learning from so many of you.

I recently discovered, thinker, writer and modern day philosopher,  Charlie Bradford, author of Ensouling Potential. If you haven’t read Charlie’s work, I highly recommend you do. He is an authentic and insightful explorer of life and the bigger questions about our existence. You can follow Charlie on Twitter @CharlieBrad4ord

Charlie was kind enough to allow me to ask him a series of questions. Here, he reflects on my first one.

MJ: Charlie, how long have you been thinking about tapping into a higher awareness and mastering the mind? How did you…

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Versatile Blogger Award


So I got nominated for the versatile blogger award, and I’m so grateful, its awesome that people think highly enough of your blog to nominate you, and its a very cool way of interacting with other bloggers and learning about each other. I have been nominated for a couple of these awards recently, however I don’t always participate. I love being nominated, honestly I’m really grateful, its just that most of these awards are very similar, and if I participated in every one I was nominated for I would have loads of virtually identical posts, which would be pretty boring for you as readers. So if I haven’t participated in an award you nominated me for, its not that I’m not grateful to be nominated, I’m just committed to making all of my posts as interesting as possible for you readers.

I was nominated for the Versatile blogger award by…

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