The unfinished business of race and equity

Johns Hopkins University Press Blog

Guest post by Daryl G. Smith

smithIf the last few months have taught us anything, it is how much more we have to do as a society in addressing the unfinished business of race. The events in Charleston, Ferguson, Baltimore, and Los Angeles, as well as the incidents at Oklahoma State, to name only a few, revealed the many ways in which our society and its institutions have or have not addressed long standing issues of inequity and also whether the leadership of our institutions from all sectors of society has adequate capacity to address these issues today. Indeed, many of these events highlighted the role and credibility of leaders, as well as their effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) in addressing race. And as happened every time there are crises, campuses across the country have been pressed to respond and to take action in addressing diversity on campus—including as it pertains to enrollment…

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