Lola V (Lolita) Makeup Kit


Ahhh! Every time I open this beautiful kit up I feel like I’ve set up shop in my own (portable) glam room. I have gotten many questions about this makeup case and I’m glad I’ve opened this blog up to share all the info you may need!

First question are about the lights: yes they come with the kit. They must be removed if you are going to fill the entire kit up with makeup. It’s either 1. Remove the lights or 2. Carry a whole different case for makeup (?) It makes more sense to remove them.

Second question was about batteries: not needed! There is an outlet connected to the kit. A plug/ cord is also part of the purchase. An extra light bulb is, too.

Third question was: WHERE CAN I GET ONE? You can check the site outhere

The Lola V (V as in Valerie…

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Blog recommendation

Railside Adventures

Hey y’all!  I hope you’re enjoying my Summer Railfanning video series!  While I work on the next video, I’m going to recommend a blog for you to follow.  The man who owns the blog is a friend of mine and is an avid model railroader.  He is currently building an HO layout called the Paducah and Lake Erie, a modern, coal-hauling bridge line set in southwestern Pennsylvania.  I’ll post the link below. Enjoy!

Paducah & Lake Erie Model Railroad

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