Don’t Hate, APPRECIATE!!!

Jessica Vanna

Just having one of those days where I’m feeling oddly inclined to appreciate a vida!

No, life is not perfect. But it is so worth living! We all have those tough days where the world really does seem to be crashing in on us in the worst way possible, for ex:you’re angry, your loved ones seem to not love you, you feel alone, you feel/ look bad, you’re in pain, financial woes are kicking in, and the eternal ETC.
Sometimes it may seem nearly unfeasible to overcome an impossibly horrible day, but trust that it will pass. And look for things to be thankful about becauseyou will find them, and you will feel better.

005Searching for things to be grateful for

Maybe you are cancer-free. Maybe you have all of your limbs. Maybe you are not living in poverty. Maybe you are much more intelligent than the average human being…

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