Salmon Pesto Pasta

Clash of Pans

20150509_184047I am absolutely obsessed with homemade pasta.  There is no way to describe exactly how superior it is to store bought dry stuff.  Since I bought my pasta roller attachment for my Kitchenaid, I have yet to buy a box of dry.  This is something I am proud of, as it definitely makes pasta night a full on endeavor, instead of something quick and easy.  But still totally worth it.

In the summer the best way to eat pasta is with a heaping spoonful of pesto.  Not a store bought jar of oil and salt.  Real, fresh herbs.  Add some grilled salmon and it is like being in summer paradise.

For my pesto, I use a combination of basil and arugula.  I grow my own fresh basil, but pesto requires such a huge quantity that in order to keep my plant alive I fortify it with about the same amount of…

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Fat Phuck’s Guide to LA Sushi

What’s good y’all? Today we talkin’ bout one of yer boy’s favorite types of food in this whole muhfuckin universe. We talkin’ bout the only kinda food yer boy gets crack-head like cravings for on the regular. Today we spittin’ that sushi game. By this point y’all know yer boy gets down on an assortment of cuisines on the regular, and I’m down with all that shit, but I’d be straight up lying if I didn’t say I got a special place in my tummy for them gangsta ass Japanese delights. Since sushi’s one of them foods yer boy know a thang or two bout, Imma give y’all a rundown on the different types of spots you’ll find in the LA sushi game. To make it easy, Imma break it up into 3 categories – baller ass spots, bitch ass spots, and gangsta ass spots.

Baller Ass Spots

First up we got baller ass spots. These sushi joints is stacked with…

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