Losses Amid the Gains: The West’s Misplaced Maneuvers

Shake Your Conscience !


Family is the basic unit of any human society as well as the first school for any child. It serves as the main source of informal education, a thing much more important than the formal education (that deals only with the facts and suppositions) as it is in such informal setups that a child learns the values of life. Just like any other institution, it runs on certain principles and rules that all its members are required to learn, follow, and abide by. Every human institution needs some mechanism to maintain discipline and control over its members in order to keep it running, family not being an exception. However, this institution is almost at the verge of collapse in the Western world, partly due to the state intervention and partly due to the popularization of a materialist culture (owing again to the state’s role in promoting the corporate sector, serving…

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