What Coal-Fired Power Plant Electricians Are Doing at an Oil Refinery

Power Plant Men

Power Plant Men working for a large Coal-Fired Power Plant have the kind of culture where Cleanliness is next to “Leroy Godfrey-ness”.  If you knew Leroy Godfrey, then you would know that he was a perfectionist in a lot of ways.  Or… Well, he expected the Plant Electricians to be anyway.  A few years after becoming an electrician, there was some work being done by Ben Davis, one of our best electricians, at the Conoco (Continental) Oil Refinery twenty miles north of the plant in Ponca City.

Conoco (Now Philips 66) Oil refinery Conoco (Now Philips 66) Oil refinery in Ponca City

Being a low level Electrician Apprentice, I was not included in whatever was happening at the Refinery.  I didn’t work at the refinery for many years.  When I finally did go to Conoco, I wished I hadn’t.

What was happening?  A Co-Generation plant was being built there.  It is called a “Co-Generation” plant because…

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Second Day of 3-Day Quote Challenge

The Main Focus

This is my second day of 3-day quote challenge. Thanks to V-Rob and Erika for their nominations. Please visit their blogs for some fascinating features and stories. My theme is love, so I will stick with that. I thought back to the pain of losing a relationship as it had come to an end. The pain of seeing him walk the other walk and realizing that I would not see him another day.

If I knew that I had shown you love but one day than it was worth it. My wounds are deep and piercing.@Copyright annepm2015(https://annermurray.wordpress.com) relationship-ending-picture-550x412Why-many-Relationships-endThe rules are simple – one quote a day for three days. They can be your quotes, or quotes from other people. Post one a day for three days, and nominate three bloggers per post. Also, thank the person that nominated you. It’s simple and fun!

My nominees for today are:


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Patriot (Day) games: exploring the fantasies surrounding 9/11

Johns Hopkins University Press Blog

Guest post by John N. Duvall and Robert P. Marzec

duvallWhat’s happening for the 14th anniversary of 9/11? For one thing, there are a lot of Harley rides. The sixth item in a Google search for “14th anniversary of 9/11” informs you about the 2015 9/11 Memorial Ride Harley Ride starting in Knoxville, Tennessee, in order to “remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice on September 11th, 2001.” It will kick of with a ceremony that “includes a flyover, ‘Taps,’ and a 21-gun salute” and end with a “concert that night and special priced meal deal at the Shed Smokehouse & Juke Joint.” Hot damn. But you don’t have to travel to Knoxville to ride in memory of 9/11. In Bay Village, Ohio, “on Sunday, September 6th, there will be a ‘Never Forget 9/11’ Ceremony and Processional Ride to honor and remember the families of the loved ones that lost their lives in the…

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Looking Joli Good

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