Beauty Secret: Activated Charcoal facemask

Serena Glow - health, vitality and food

After getting an upset stomach, my friend passed me two little black capsules. “Activated charcoal,” he said. I had just eaten a bowl of spicy lamb noodles and a black sesame ice cream cone within the span of an hour. I was stuffed and wasn’t feeling very good.

He said, “I take these as soon as I feel like I have had food poisoning. Upset stomach. Rumbling tummy. A little nauseous.” That’s exactly how I felt so I took the two activated charcoal and then half an hour I was as happy as a clam who had managed to escaped from the bake.

Apparently the activated charcoal sops up all the toxins like a sponge. And apparently it isn’t only effective inside of your body. There are many uses.

I have yet to experiment properly with activated charcoal but after taking two of those little magical pills I am a…

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