God and time

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Dr  Mustafa Mahmud (Arabic: مصطفى محمود‎) was an Egyptian philosopher and a prolific author.

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Freedom to be Undressed, In the West Oppressed if You are Dressed

Shake Your Conscience !


Although human beings share the same basic needs and desires, the planet is nonetheless filled with diverse customs, traditions, and religious beliefs. When so many differences exist in any given society, it will surely create disunity, confusion, and injustice for many people. Recently, an issue has been raised in a country that claims to be ‘tolerant’; however, its citizens, specifically its muslim citizens, are not being granted their constitutional rights. Since 1994, muslim school girls were banned from attending school because they were wearing the hijab (head scarf). Does it not seem ironic that while women are allowed to go out in public wearing G-string bikinis to wash cars for money and to eat in public restaurants wearing a bikini top, muslim girls are prevented from attending school because they want to cover their hair with a scarf? The subliminal message is that women who are provocatively undressed have more…

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Charcoal Train


  • The Charcoal Train
  • Leaves The Station
  • After convincing the passenger Nation
  • They’re all insane, with a functional Brain
  • Savedby a Mysterious Engineer
  • Always near, but never coming here
  • The Conductor, a closet Queer
  • Only One who’s seen the Spiritual Site
  • He’s the One whose sight
  • Is guided by the Light
  • During the darkest of night
  • On The CharcoalTrain
  • Fueled by the money drain
  • During the Day
  • The riders memorizewhat to say
  • Don’t speak unless spoken to
  • Removed, innovative, driven independence
  • You are toldwhat God would do
  • Only the Conductor’s codemakes sense
  • Promoting profiting prophets at your expense
  • Just he can do the enigmatic Math
  • Alone he maps out the path
  • With GPS from the Mysterious Engineer
  • Who’s always near, but never coming here
  • Thinkers, their eyes are emergency blinkers
  • They are hypocrites, movement sinkers
  • Their breath proves they are demonic stooldrinkers
  • The passengers…

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Enchanted Forests

At last into the home of the White Tiger: Bandavgarh At last into the home of the White Tiger: Bandavgarh

The Amazing Forests of Bandavgarh tells fascinating stories of Kings, White Tigers and a fort gifted to a brother. This is the last ( for now) and chapter 5 in the series on Bandavagarh .

Legend has it that Lord Ram gifted the fort to his brother Laxman ( do see my  write up on Artifacts of the Samode Safari Lodge)

The Bandavgarh National Park and Tiger Reserve was once home to the White Tiger ( not spotted for the last 50 years now) and was  the domain of the  Baghela Rulers of Rewa. It was  preserved by these wise rulers as a Wildlife sanctuary from the 17th century ( 400 years ago) when they shifted their capital from Bandavgarh to Rewa.

Jeeps canters and elephants are three modes of transport within the BTR Jeeps canters and elephants are three modes of transport within the BTR

It is home to numerous…

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