Charcoal Train

THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • The Charcoal Train
  • Leaves The Station
  • After convincing the passenger Nation
  • They’re all insane, with a functional Brain
  • Savedby a Mysterious Engineer
  • Always near, but never coming here
  • The Conductor, a closet Queer
  • Only One who’s seen the Spiritual Site
  • He’s the One whose sight
  • Is guided by the Light
  • During the darkest of night
  • On The CharcoalTrain
  • Fueled by the money drain
  • During the Day
  • The riders memorizewhat to say
  • Don’t speak unless spoken to
  • Removed, innovative, driven independence
  • You are toldwhat God would do
  • Only the Conductor’s codemakes sense
  • Promoting profiting prophets at your expense
  • Just he can do the enigmatic Math
  • Alone he maps out the path
  • With GPS from the Mysterious Engineer
  • Who’s always near, but never coming here
  • Thinkers, their eyes are emergency blinkers
  • They are hypocrites, movement sinkers
  • Their breath proves they are demonic stooldrinkers
  • The passengers…

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