Four Lessons from Harvey Specter

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Suits, an American tv show, is charming viewers around the globe not just because of good-looking actors and credible performances but mainly because of the tenable script.

Harvey Specter, the youngest senior partner of the Pearson-Hardman law firm and best closer in New York, gives us lessons about winning life’s games. Here are my top 4 favorite lines.

1. “Win a no win situation by rewriting the rules.”

Challenge the game. Defy limits. Reshape perspective. What is true today, maybe false tomorrow. The rules today can change tomorrow. There are so many ways of playing any game. This is fearless and creativity, have it in your system.

Winners do not wait for windows of opportunities. They create them. Even a 1% chance can deliver victory.  Sometimes what we just need is to step back, look at the whole picture and figure out the rest.

2. “What are your choices when…

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Test of Friendship

Levi Talks (Travels & Thoughts)

Misunderstanding among friends does happen. We get annoyed, hurt or dismayed. It is part of the bond that keeps the glue of friendship stronger and lasting. Petty things into a monstrous clash or harbored ill feelings into a nasty fight.

But, some friendships waver after a misunderstanding. It hits rock bottom and friends decide to quit. Sometimes, quitting on a friend does not mean giving up on the friendship but to lessen the pain, stop the misery and breathe fresh air. Step back and see the whole thing on a new perspective. Blame game is a loser’s habit.

These tests of friendship make you a better friend. You tend to understand her more and inject more patience and care. You adjust to ensure that things can still work out. If not, you realize you become wiser in choosing and dealing with friends.

We have to accept that there are friendships…

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Tour of Legendary Jack Leadley’s Shop

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Up in the beautiful Adirondacks I visited the Adirondack museum a few years back and they had a craftsman there for a week displaying traditional black ash basket making. His name is Jack Leadley and his specialty is making traditional Adirondack pack baskets all by hand. He has made them for 40 years plus and makes the finest pack baskets in the world.  He also makes snowshoes, fishing creels and does bentwood chairs and original oil and watercolor artworks.  His workshop is South of Indian Lake in the SE Adirondacks and is way back in the woods.  He has a pond he made to soak brown ash trees so that they can be peeled then pounded and stripped into thin ash bands suitable for weaving baskets.  He has a video out on “Inside the Blue Line with Jack Leadley” and “How to Make an Adirondack Pack Basket” both available through…

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Respect the security guard and his work… but why?

Your Well Wisher Program


Generally visiting any apartment or office, I used to wait for a while at the entrance.  I have to authenticate my identity to the person called Security Guard. I am bit more observant of the Security Guard and that observations lead me to respect the security guard.

Every security guard has a very pleasing gestures and etiquettes. They welcome with a greeting, and ask in a very respectful manner. I don’t understand some of the visitors don’t listen to what security guard is asking. Few visitors believe it is time waste to answer his questions or wait for a while.  I feel the job of security guard is bit difficult, struggling and go for long hour duty.

I don’t have to say but I see design of security guard room is more like a dog’s house. Most of the security guard rooms are very small sized with no comfort…

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~Weekly Product Highlight~ Highlighters~ Reserve Your Cabana~

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Highlight on fleek?

Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection Bronzer SPF 15, Reserve Your Cabana

Highlight on Fleek? Reserve your Cabana | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comWhile personally I am not a super over the top highlight all over the face kind of gal, I know that “strobing” is very in right now.  Since highlighting is so popular there are so many different types and brands of highlighters to choose from.  I have tried a few different ones and some higher end and some drugstore ones. I have to say out of all of the ones that I have tried the $3.99 Reserve Your Cabana highlighter from Wet N Wild is my absolute favorite.  It is such a beautiful shade with just the right amount of shimmer and glow. I don’t know what it is exactly about this highlighting bronzer, but it is absolutely stunning. I use it on my cheekbones, the inner corners of my eyes, on my brow bone, and…

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I can show you God




I can show you God

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just thoughts and things to ponder on


                                  I can show you God
The great search for God is fruitless for some.
I knew a woman from  Santa Cruz.  We sat together often drinking hot and tasty
coffee on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Her heart was cold and dead.She  told me God is dead and forgotten.
We are just people struggling with no place to go or reasons to be alive.

I smiled and pointed to the sea.
I told her God is alive.
Look at the dancing sea.
The sun above us. Gifts for us from God.

God isn’t our master or guide.
Life is for us to decide.
She looked frustrated and asked.
Don’t God support to protect and save us?
Look at this world. War, murder, violence and dead-ends.”

I requested her to travel with me.

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