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Looking Joli Good

Highlight on fleek?

Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection Bronzer SPF 15, Reserve Your Cabana

Highlight on Fleek? Reserve your Cabana | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comWhile personally I am not a super over the top highlight all over the face kind of gal, I know that “strobing” is very in right now.  Since highlighting is so popular there are so many different types and brands of highlighters to choose from.  I have tried a few different ones and some higher end and some drugstore ones. I have to say out of all of the ones that I have tried the $3.99 Reserve Your Cabana highlighter from Wet N Wild is my absolute favorite.  It is such a beautiful shade with just the right amount of shimmer and glow. I don’t know what it is exactly about this highlighting bronzer, but it is absolutely stunning. I use it on my cheekbones, the inner corners of my eyes, on my brow bone, and…

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