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A spirit emerges like peddles unfolding. Colors begin cascading, while
senses devour the beauty.

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The Raven's Nest

Apertude SSeen as a dreamer far from reality, I used to beg humanity to conceive I was lucid, more lucid than can be tolerated. Pain wouldn’t exist if I wasn’t.

Because I don’t speak like it is expected, it doesn’t mean I am incoherent. And because I want to escape the vulgarity of facts, it doesn’t mean I am blind to them. I see what they hide, ugly or graceful; I feel their full blow as they strike and bash.

Among them, my visions echoes in a hollow well of mistrust and fear because the only thing your kind want to acknowledge are scores and data.

I see ghost so I am never alone, I see them all of them, in Hades’ corridors between Bondi and Malabar, shadows of times gone and incarnate factual present. They play games in the murky light and poke me when I go back in the…

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Touchdown: Texas


We booked a ticket this summer for San Antonio to visit a friend. I did my research before I went, talked to some people, but before I left all I really knew about San Antonio was the Riverwalk. I calculated what we would do there…five days only to visit the Riverwalk? Too much time. Only when we arrived, I realized there were so much more that we could do. We turned out to spend time not only in San Antonio, but also in Austin and a lovely little town called Wimberley.

The thing about Texas that is vey different from our previous trips is that we stayed at a friend’s, who has actually lived in San Antonio for a few months. She has been around Texas and knew a lot of little things that only a local would know. Combine that with the tourist spots that we were dying to…

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Global Water Crisis //Part 1

Your Well Wisher Program

Water is life. Let’s attempt to solve a commonly known problem: Global Water Crisis //Part 1

Water tap is a poorly designed product. It runs unnecessarily and wastes water. It is difficult to manage water tap when both the hands are busy washing each other. Also, water tap does not allow cleaning hands. The person opens the tap with dirty hands, wash it with soap, and then closing the tap means dirt from tap can again come back to the cleaned hands. The two problems are addressed with motion sensitive taps. It may be liked by many but it again does not meet requirement of common man. The pricing of the technology is far difficult to manage for the common man. So, there is a need to design simple product and at the price where common man can manage.

Look at the Tailor’s sewing machine in your near market. The…

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Hi, My Name is Laura and I Am A Food Addict…

Looking Joli Good

Some posts are easier to share than others…

Journey with me From Flab to FAB!

So, from the title you can already tell what this post is going to be about…  While I am not completely serious when I say that I am a food addict, I definitely have a love/hate relationship Eat to Live or Live to Eat |lookingjoligood.wordpress.comwith food.  I  love to eat, yet I hate the guilt that comes along with it.  It is a crazy cycle!

Some people are just naturally fit and thin, while others have to work really hard at it.  Some people are naturally built thicker and curvier.  Some people just naturally don’t like to eat a lot (what is their problem?! :-))  Other people love to eat!  Some people can eat whatever they want while others look at food and gain weight.

Growing up, I was always able to eat whatever I wanted and never gain weight.  Then I…

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