Alleyway Day: Good Things on Small Streets

Mary in Manhattan

Sometimes I make reservations at restaurants I think I’ll like WAYYYYYY in advance so I have surprise plans. So a couple weekends ago I got a notification from Open Table – I had a reservation for brunch at Freemans on the Lower East Side for six. HOW NICE.

So I grabbed five interesting people to see if they’d like to attend an alley-themed day.

See, Freemans is in a silly little alley. As is the smallest museum in New York City. I decided that was enough for a theme.

alleyway day

Freemans is incredibly “New York.” We had to locate Freemans Alley on a map, ’cause none of us had seen it before. (And by a map, I mean Google Maps. Because no one uses maps.) Then, we proceeded to find the alley, and therefore, the restaurant.


It was seriously cute. You walk up to this sky blue door with greenery and hanging…

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