My power

Buried Thoughts

Writing used to be my strength, my comfort. A place I could always come to and feel at home and at peace. But now I question how much I truly need this outlet. I wonder if it’s simply something I thought I needed, just because writing has always been a listener I can count on–always. A silent listener. I don’t believe it’s necessary anymore, but I’ll forever know I can come here, to this spotless moment of fulfillment. A portion of time when my pain matters, my happiness matters… when I matter.

Lately I’ve been trying to set myself up for success instead of victimizing myself and letting the world bully me. I’m beginning to realize how much power I really have over my life, and also over what affects my life. I have the power to love myself, even when others are criticizing me–especially when others are criticizing…

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One thought on “My power”

  1. These posts always make me think I should take on more than just ruybgni…manne after this race I’ll get my nerve up to try.On the wedding, I try not to talk too much about it cause let’s be honest no one wants to hear about it all the time…but as March approaches I’m sure there will be much more. 🙂


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