Sea, fun & sun in Santa Monica

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Santa Monica 6

En terme de distraction, une journée à Santa Monica vaut largement l’équivalent à Disneyland. Avec le soleil au beau fixe.

En effet, Santa Monica incarne LA ville californienne côtière où l’on vit d’amour, de sport, de nourriture healthy !
D’un côté: les groupes d’adolescents venus pour une petite bronzette sur la plage, plus loin, un couple pratique du yoga acrobatique près d’une petite équipe de footvolley en slip.

Santa Monica 2

On ne sait plus où donner de la tête ni où poser notre regard : sur cette plage aussi longue que large, entre ces milliers de personnes venues prendre le soleil ou ces jeunes acrobates en pleine démonstration.

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Top Five Overused Phrases On Social Media

tonysbologna : Honest. Satirical. Observations.

Social Media is a tepid pond filled to its foamy brim with best intentions disguised behind a whirlwind of characters and dancing emoticons. I must ask you something: do you like seeing an overly ambitious timeline powered by overfed and undernourished phrases on social media? Cool, me neither. Assembled below is a *Not so completely serious* list of the top five overused pop culture phrases carelessly farting around on a social media platform nearest you. You’re welcome.

1.) “You’re a gem”


To a jewelry man, you know, a bonafide rock man, this phrase certainly must make them smile. “You’re a gem” No you’re a gem. I mean it! Seriously you’re a gem. Holy shit a gem just spoke to me. Am I dreaming. Oh my God I’m not. Oh shit. Wow, a rock just spoke to me. Fuck me, was I drugged? You know what? I was drugged…

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Revamp of my first two books

Serenity's Ashrama

A post of few words, simply to introduce a relaunch of my first two books.

First book jacket     Second book jacket

Inspirational books that leads to self-development, life transformation and healing. Mind, body and spirit, reflection on life, family issues and karma.

Available now on amazon UK and US at cheaper prices. Featured on kindle and now on extended platforms of online books shops etc.. My third book on health will be out by the end of September. Excerpts/introductions for all three, are found under ‘categories’ or ‘recent posts.’

Thanks for viewing. Many blessings 🙂

P.S. If anyone sees strange adverts at the bottom of my posts, they are not mine. Somehow the managers of wordpress allows for some adverts to appear on peoples’ posts, which we are not able to control. Something we have to tolerate as part of this free service.

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But What Does It Mean

DoubleU = W

face it

you’re reading with difficulty

attempting, line by line,

to interpret

read between the lines

get a grip on some

hidden meaning

constantly asking yourself

but what does it mean?”

and what if I answered you with



it came from a dark time

a dingy corner of my mind

the darkest recesses of me

I was allowing a

temporary possession

for which no priest is the cure

I morphed into someone

something in no way

resembling me

and that’s when I wrote

meaning isn’t always necessary

might I hide something here

left out in plain sight

surely, I would

but you must believe me

meanings are not often hidden

by this struggling writer

I write

you read


The End


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Coming out with my mental illnesses 

Amber keeps breathing

Today I am sharing my story with my Facebook and Instagram friends. At first I didn’t want to because I thought people may think I was just doing it for attention, but then I realized that helping other people who struggle with mental illnesses is more important than what other people think of me.
Although I am nervous, I am excited to share my story and hopefully save a life.

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