B&W Candid Photography Essay – England & France

Edge of Humanity Magazine

This photography essay was submitted to Edge of Humanity Magazine by Photographer Tony Edenden.

Winning bet France Winning bet

Racing spectators Chantilly, France Racing spectators
Chantilly, France

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Longchamp Racecourse, Paris, France Longchamp Racecourse, Paris, France

Bournemouth, England Bournemouth, England

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Hat Chantilly, France Hat
Chantilly, France

Stratford upon Avon, England Stratford upon Avon, England

Prix Diane Longines, Chantilly, France Prix Diane Longines, Chantilly, France

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Black & White

By Tony Edenden


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Lost in the Desert

The Falling Thoughts

Silence of the desert 

Wind and sand 

Heat and thirst 

Where to go

What to do

I feel alone 

In this desert 

Where is your voice 

who gave me life

Cut me once 

Not in a slice 

Silence of the desert in my heart

Why am I alone, why are we apart?

Where are you Yaz

Tu eres mi Paz

I’m writing your name 

on this desert sand

I want to hold your hand 

I feel weak in my knees

Oh God! there are no trees

I want to hear your voice 

For that I can pay any price 

Air is whispering in my ears

Don’t shed your tears

With him I’ve no fear

I want you here 

Why are you so far my dear?

Let’s cross this desert 

Let’s sing a love song 

Let’s dance on this sand 

Let’s break the silence 

Let’s make love 

on the sand of…

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The Renegade Press


I lie beside her and watch her back rise as her lungs fill with air. She breathes so carelessly in her slumber. She holds her breath deep in her lungs for the faintest of moments before she exhales and her body melts into the softness of the bed. A smile creases her lips as my fingertips graze her shoulders; firmly enough for her to feel my presence, but light enough so as not to rouse the muse twisted between my sheets. Her lips curl so gracefully in the corners, her cheeks dimple in response. This woman, this muse of mine is beautiful; from the crown of her head down to the tip of her delicate toes. And as I lie beside her and watch the rhythmic movement of her breath I can’t help but imagine how glorious it would be to shrink myself so that I can explore every inch…

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