Lost in the Desert

The Falling Thoughts

Silence of the desert 

Wind and sand 

Heat and thirst 

Where to go

What to do

I feel alone 

In this desert 

Where is your voice 

who gave me life

Cut me once 

Not in a slice 

Silence of the desert in my heart

Why am I alone, why are we apart?

Where are you Yaz

Tu eres mi Paz

I’m writing your name 

on this desert sand

I want to hold your hand 

I feel weak in my knees

Oh God! there are no trees

I want to hear your voice 

For that I can pay any price 

Air is whispering in my ears

Don’t shed your tears

With him I’ve no fear

I want you here 

Why are you so far my dear?

Let’s cross this desert 

Let’s sing a love song 

Let’s dance on this sand 

Let’s break the silence 

Let’s make love 

on the sand of…

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